Diagram shows the structure and proportion of shareholding of the Company

Remark : It is the information from book closing date as of 07 May 2022 Type: XR

The details of the Company’s shareholding in subsidiaries as of 29 April 2022

Company Name Paid-up Capital
Shareholding (%) Core Business
Mae Krating Power Company Limited 282,300,000 80.00 Produce and sell the electricity by using biomass.
SK 15 Company Limited 140,000,000 99.99 Property for lease.
SKE Development Company Limited 62,000,000 99.99 Awaiting sale of land.
N15 Technology Company Limited 185,000,000 99.99 Operates the business of managing non-hazardous waste or unused materials by separating and producing it as waste fuel, RDF.
Vanta Capital Company Limited 22,300,000 30.04 Develops trading software and currently trading on the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET).