Message from the Chief Executive Officer

Dear Shareholders,

        The year 2022 was the year of recovery for the business sector and lifestyles around the world had changed as we combat the impact caused by the outbreak of the new strain of coronavirus or the Covid-19 in the past 2-3 years. The pandemic had caused adjustments and changes in business, economy, society, technology. and environment around the world.

        Since the start of business operations, Sakol Energy Public Company Limited "the Company" has remained committed and prepared for adapting to various situations. During the past year, the Company purchased ordinary shares of Vanta Capital Co., Ltd., a financial technology company, because it foresees an opportunity in the financial technology business, which is regarded as the world’s megatrend, and an opportunity to develop and grow the business into various areas. The past year was a year of significant investment which would expand the Company’s business into environmental business with an investment value of over Baht 400,000,000. In the year 2022, the Company was in the process of construction and installation of machinery at the RDF plant in Saraburi Province, where the Company closely monitored and controlled the construction plan. The plant is expected to be completed and commenced operations in 2023. This investment is considered one of the Company's significant milestones because it will create a remarkable growth of the Company and in technology as RDF producer with an annual production volume that has grown 6 times from the original plant in Chonburi Province. The Company pays great attention to the quality of the product, using modern technology to produce RDF with good properties and the used technology is new in the RDF market. The Company has also been awarded long-term contracts from cement and waste power plant customers in the area. It is regarded as another year which has passed with sincere commitment and cooperation from the Board of Directors, the Executive Committee, and all employees.

        In this year 2023, the Company remains focus on conducting its current business according to the Company's plans and strategies to achieve revenues of Baht 1,000,000,000 and is expected to grow its business when appropriate opportunities arise according to the Company’s vision to create a better society and environment with clean energy. The Company will continue to strive for business growth and build confidence among all shareholders, which will result in SKE always being attractive to all investors.

        Lastly, on behalf of the Executive Committee, I would like to thank shareholders, financial providers, customers, trade partners, business partners, society, communities, employees, and all sectors for their continuous support and cooperation. In respect of business management, we believe in working with determination, clear goals, good governance, and protecting the interests of all stakeholders. SKE has business plans and strategies to develop the business to steadily grow and become a sustainable organization.



Mr. Chutchai Sumethchotimetha
Chairman of Executive Committee,
Chief Executive Officer