Sakol Energy Public Company Limited is Private Mother Station (PMS) operator, providing natural gas compression service for NGV trailer trucks of PTT Public Company Limited (“PTT”) which distribute NGV to Private Mother Station (PMS) which are not along natural gas pipelines or Daughter Station, including improving natural gas quality to meet the regulators’ standards. PTT is the Company’s customer.

Diagram illustrating the Company’s business operation

Remarks :

  1. Private Mother Station (PMS) is a station located along the pipeline which compresses and improves quality of natural gas and fules in NGV trucks for transportation to daughter stations.
  2. Daughter Station is a station located off the pipeline and must receive natural gas supplied from NGV trucks supplied by mother stations and dispenses such natural gas to users.
  3. Conventional Station is a station located along the pipeline which impoves quality of natural gas and sells to users.

Natural gas compression process

Diagram illustrating of natural gas compression process

Natural gas compression process by Private Mother Station (PMS)

  1. Natural gas passes through pipeline to the main natural gas private mother station (PMS) through gas metering to measure the quantity of gas to the private mother station (PMS);
  2. Natural gas has high heat pressure which shall be required to improve the quality of gas by mixing carbon dioxide (CO2) or nitrogen (N2) with natural gas to meet the standard heat pressure of motor vehicles as required by Department of Energy.
  3. Low-pressured natural gas coming from pipeline through gas metering will enter compressor to create the level of compression as required; and
  4. High-pressured natural gas will be passed to filing panel for filling into natural gas trailer trucks for transportation to daughter station.

Private Mother Station Pathum Thani Province

Private Mother Station Pathum Thani Province, it is located in Chiang Rak Noi Sub-District, Samkhok District, Pathum Thani Province in the area of 8 rai, 3 ngarn, 64 square wa to serve the demand of NGV using in the metropolitan areas. The natural gas compressing force is not lower than 200 tons per day with the reservation of production for 25% throughout the contract term (totaling the natural gas compressing force and the reservation force of 250 tons per day). The Company made the additional contract to PTT to compress the natural gas additionally for another 100 tons per day. The total capacity of natural gas compressing was in the maximum of 350 tons per day. NGV can be compressed to at least 10 natural gas transportation vehicles simultaneously with the filling rate of not less than 12 tons per hour and can produce the gas for 24 hours throughout 365 days per year.