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As Sakol Energy is committed to be the country's leading provider of energy services recognizing that "personnel" is an important step in driving the Company to sustainable growth, we focused on creating highly qualified and knowledgeable personnel with many skill training programs to help each employee develop themselves to their fullest potential, create the leadership, develop the employees to work professionally. We also took care of the employees as the same family members as we are confident that all of our employees are part of Sakol Energy.

How to apply

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You can submit your application form via Email :

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You can apply at the company by making the appointment with HR Department by telephone calling 02-0263451 ext. 253

Pathum Thani Branch, Head Office

Muang Thai-Phatra Branch

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As Sakol Energy maintains treats the employees as part of the family, the Company has a policy to care for the employees with the following welfare benefits. Content:

  • Social security : It is the fund set to reserve for our employees in case of illness, childbirth, disability or death not caused by work
  • Reserve fund : It is the fund established for employees in case of illness or loss caused by work.
  • Provident Fund : The employees will benefit from the provident fund after retirement. Money from the Reserve Fund comes from the support of the employees and the Company.
  • Life insurance and accident insurance: We have life insurance and accident insurance covering all employees 24 hours a day.
  • Annual Checkup : We provide employees with annual health check-ups from reliable hospitals.
  • Internal and external training : As we believe that good personnel are the key to success, we give the opportunity for the employees to enhance the knowledge and expertise in working on both internal and external Company’s training.
  • Annual events and parties : We provide activities for our employees to maintain good physical and mental health by promoting happiness in all aspects throughout the year to balance work life and strengthen good relationships inside the organization.
  • Personal uniform and personal protective equipment: We take into account on the safety and comfort of employees. We provide employees who are employed as regular employees of the company to receive two uniforms each year and provide personal protective equipment to employees at risk sufficiently and appropriately.
  • Remuneration and welfares : We have a policy to pay all employees at the right level in both the short and long term considering the same type of business equally depending on the job, experience, qualifications and attributes of the employees. It also depends on the Company’s turnovers, socio-economic environment. We have clear measurement on the performance and potential of employees. The Company will pay the appropriate remuneration to knowledgeable employees with high capacity. In addition, we also provide welfares regularly to take care of our employees such as employee shuttle bus, incentives, allowance, travel allowance, alimony to funeral of the family members of the employees, etc.
  • Honorable awards : Apart from the benefits and such returns, we also pay attention to and support for the admiration to the commitment to work and inventions for the improvement of the work to have better standard including outstanding achievements of the employees with special awards to praise and motivate the operation for the employees.