RE BioFuels Company Limited (“RBF”) conduct its business on producing and selling of compressed bio-methane gas of which this gas has quality similar to the natural gas vehicle (NGV). The process of biogas producing consists of the receiving of biogas from fermentation tank and transfer to machinery to improve the quality of gas to produce the gas that has quality which is suitable for using in vehicle and it shall have quality in accordance with the regulations under the notification of Department of Energy

The maximum capacity of compressed bio-methane gas production is 9,000 kilograms per day. The gas station of RBF can support many types of vehicles such as private car, public transport, large truck and track for gas transportation for transferring of gas to other selling points or using of gas as fuel in industrial facilities.

The facility and gas station are located at Lam Thamenchai District, Nakhon Ratchasima Province which are close to tapioca starch factory of which such factory can supply waste water and waste from production. The waste waters from the tapioca starch factory are raw material of biogas fermentation tanks whereby such biogas fermentation tanks are under supervision of a company which experts in fermentation and production of biogas. The produced gas will sell to RBF for producing and selling as compressed bio-methane gas.